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Lift Shafts & Escalators

Keeping people moving, up and down, safely

From the London Underground, to the British Museum and Flats throughout the country HTA confidently investigate lifts and escalators with a team of experts backed up with over 30 years of experience, supported by expert lab analysis.

Lift Shaft & Escalator Investigations include:

Lift Shaft Investigations - HTA

The following list is not exhaustive, however it gives a good idea of the range of services on offer, if there is something you require that is not listed please get in touch, as we will most likely be able to assist

  • Visual Surveys - to include surveys to ME equipment, shaft linings and counterweight systems
  • Lift Counterweight Investigation - onsite and lab testing to steel members to determine condition and grade
  • Ground Investigations - structural and geotechnical surveys to determine construction details prior to lift replacement and or upgrading
  • Load Testing - to determine bearing capacity of lift shaft walls
  • Weld Testing - magnetic particle inspection (MPI) to determine any defects eg cracks
  • Coring Investigations - determination of foundation extent and material strength

HTA @ The London Underground

Keeping commuters safe.

HTA have been involved with working on LUL infrastructure and assets for nearly 25 years.

Major projects undertaken include:

    London Underground Lift & Escalator Investigations
  • Earls Court Station Development Plans
  • K1 Knightsbridge Redevelopment
  • The Connect Project
  • The Tunnel Cooling Project
  • King Cross Refurbishment.
  • Investigation & Testing of Escalators & Lift Shafts
  • Asset Inspections on all Central Line Stations
  • Confined Spaces Inspections to many Platform Inverts and other Confined Space Locations
  • Investigations to various Train Depots inc. Lighting Masts
  • Investigations to Old Street Redevelopment
  • Slip Testing to many Stations

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