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Corrosion Condition Survey

Need to know Concrete & Steel Conditions?

Innovation and Modern Techniques form the backbone of HTA's approach to Concrete and Steel Condition Testing, all backed up with over 30 years of experience, supported by expert lab analysis.

Our Corrosion Condition Surveys work falls into two main categories; first, the condition of the concrete and second the condition of the steel elements. These lists are not exhaustive, but give you a flavour of the length and depth of the work we cover.

Need to know the concrete condition?

Should you need to discover the concrete condition and it's embedded reinforcement, HTA employs a vast range of techniques to determine the condition and potential repair strategies to enable you to move forward with confidence.

  • Covermeter Survey - to determine the protective thickness of the concrete covering the reinforcement bars.
  • Half-Cell Potential Survey - to determine the risk of reinforcement corrosion of the embedded reinforcement.
  • Depth of Carbonation Survey - to determine this depth and it's associated risk with reinforcement corrosion.
  • Extraction of Dust Samples - for levels of contaminants in the concrete eg chloride levels.
  • Extraction of Core Samples - for material characteristics of the concrete eg cement, sulphate & alkali contents.

  • GPR Survey - to determine cracking and voidage in concrete.
  • Tomography Survey - alternative technology to determine cracking and voidage in concrete.
  • Pundit (Ultrasonic) Survey - to determine the variations in concrete quality due to external effects eg fire or frost damage.
  • High Alumina Cement (HAC) Survey - visual and sampling survey to determine the presence of HAC.
  • Resistivity Survey - to determine the rate of corrosion of the embedded reinforcement.
  • Linear Polarisation Survey - to determine extent of corrosion present to embedded reinforcement.
  • Crack Survey - to determine extent, depth and movement of cracks the latter utilising monitoring equipment.
  • Visual Survey - carried out to determine visual condition of concrete.
  • Delamination (Hammer tap) Survey - to determine delaminated (hollow sounding) and spalled concrete.

Steel (Metal) Elements

HTA primarily use the less destructive NDT technology for these condition surveys.

Steel & Metal Element Investigations by Henderson Thomas Associates - HTA

If you need to discover the corrosive condition, HTA offers a complete remit of works to provide you with all the data required to move forward with confidence.

The following list is not exhaustive, however it gives a good idea of the range of services on offer, if there is something you require that is not listed please get in touch, as we will most likely be able to assist.

  • Visual Survey - determining the actual condition of exposed steel sections.
  • Coating Assessment - determining the condition of the coating to steel elements via visual analysis.
  • Coating Adhesion Testing - to determine adhesion to coating to metal.
  • Corrosion Survey - ultrasonic test methods to determine of loss of section.

Watch a Reinforcement Exposure

The local removal of concrete to expose reinforcement and obtain dimensional details.

Maximising Your Project & Minimising Problems

The time constraints involved when managing projects and suppliers is one of the biggest headaches that we help our clients with.

We offer a 'One Stop Shop' of services alongside Provisional Reports within 24 hours to facilitate any project. Get in touch for how HTA can maximise your project and minimise problems.